A Man Entertained Us In July!

Professor Ron Elmore, Associate Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, was our guest speaker at the July monthly meeting. He told us that he is a piece-er, not a quilter, and he ONLY does log cabins and the variation of log cabins, the courthouse steps and pineapples. He says he only makes straight, 1/4″ seams and doesn’t do triangles!
He began his quilt sewing career 8 years ago when he kept telling his wife “I can do that”, referring to her sewing. She bought him a machine and he has been raiding her stash ever since. He only did log cabins and courthouse steps until he met Shelley Burge who taught him the pineapple block that he considers a log cabin with the corners cut off. His log cabin blocks creates some very interesting quilt designs…..