Auction Time at OPQG

The October monthly program was a fundraising auction for our guild and raise funds it did! The guild bank account is $8,633.45 richer. Marilynn Bilyeu was kind enough to oversee the auction. Thanks goes out to her and her crew of volunteers: 

Joyce Sanders, Maryann Holt, Diane Eisman, Susan Moran, Mary Loker, Diane Williams, Elaine Woosley, Carol Hanson, Mary Ann Wenger, Lisa Kumfer, Janice Woodring, Carol Zgadlo, Carolyn Peine, and Betty Bonnot.
Thanks also goes out to all who donated items that made the auction such a great success.
We had a volunteer auctioneer for the night meeting. Due to a mixup, he missed the day meeting but look who stepped up to take over…..Our own Terri Davis! Thank you, Terri! This author heard lots of great things about the day auction and the fun that was had. I’m sorry I had to miss it; I was able to attend the night auction, though! If you missed attending either one, you missed some terrific bargains.