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SMALL GROUPS are a wonderful way to get to know other members and to become more involved with the many privileges that are included in guild membership. Though small group meetings dates are published in the newsletter calendar, there are sometimes meeting cancellations or the meeting date was changed and not publicized to the entire membership.  It is especially important for guild members who are new or who have not attended a particular small group for several months to check with the group leader so you are not disappointed and do not make a wasted trip.  Group leaders’ phone numbers and email addresses are on the membership roster in the member only section of the website.  Names of leaders for each group are as follows:

  English Paper Piecing – Dorie Hruska

  Featherweight – D.J. (Diana) Maas

  Modern Quilters – Jillian Grant

  Open Sew – Jane Otradovec

  Quilt Odyssey (art quilt emphasis) – Billie Tordt, Sandy Higgins

  Strippers – Jackie Edelhuber (closed group)

  Sew Scrappy – Pamela Cannell

  Sew Scrappy Two – Loretta Hermann, Kate     Rasmussen

  SW MO Longarmers – Karla Kuklaw

  Turning Points (applique emphasis) – Diane Williams

  Wooly Ladies – JoAnne Simonson, Betty Bonnot

  Go Cutters – Marilynn Bilyeu once per year, date to be announced)

If you have questions and need more details, please feel free to call Mary Loker at 417-733-3146


Community Quilts

Community Quilts work days are the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 9 am until 3 pm at the OPQG facility, 2738 S. Campbell, Springfield, MO.

We invite everyone to join in for all or part of the day.

The Community Quilts Group is comprised of friendly, energetic and generous members who graciously give their time and talents to provide quilts for those in need in our community.


You can help….

If you are unable to join us there are lots of ways to help provide comfort to people in need….

  • Take home a kit and stitch up a quilt top……
  • Take home a quilt to bind……
  • Take a quilt top to quilt (batting and backing included)…….

Baby Quilts

Donation quilts are a huge part of what we do at OPQG. Under the Community Quilt umbrella is our Baby Quilt effort. Quilts are made and donated to Newborns in Need here in Springfield. The quilts are “baby themed” and approximately 36″ square. They are a fast, fun project for anyone who has some time to sew. The Co-Chairmen, Bobbi Thorne and Sandy Sutton, work tirelessly to keep kits handy for anyone to sew but will also welcome your own completed quilt. Here is an example……


January Baby Quilt Sew In


Despite the iffy weather, 20 ladies came to sew Baby Quilts in January. Sewing machines were humming, irons were steaming, rotary cutters were slicing and ladies were laughing and talking. We ended up passing out 40 kits…WOW!!!! Many quilts have already been completed.

Sandy let everyone know Newborns in Need is very happy with our baby quilt donations.  They put together over 13,000 baby sets in 2017.  Our quilts are the ‘center attraction’ of many of the layettes they assemble.  We donated 296 quilts to them last year.  It was a little shy of the 13,000 layettes they give out so we gotta’ get busy making more baby quilts….Grin! We got a good start at the January Baby Quilt Sew-In.  We appreciate every one of you ladies that are helping us!

               Thank you,

                        Sandy Sutton and Bobbi Thorne, Baby Quilts Co-Chairmen

Some of the quilts sewed in January……


GO! Cutters

Igocutterf you have a GO! Cutter, this group is for you.  Swap dies, cut to your heart’s content, share ideas, and ‘show and tell’ at meetings held quarterly at OPQG.  We now have 30 members! If you just want to visit and check us out before you buy one, that is OK too!

The group meets once a year with the date announced by the group leader.

Requirements to join……

  • You must own your own Accuquilt GO! Cutter. Any model is OK.
  • You must be willing to share your cutting dies with others within the group.
  • Recommended – you have your own cutting mats in various sizes to take advantage of sharing dies.
  • If you damage a cutting die owned by someone else, you will be expected to replace it or make restitution to the owner.

All GO! Cutters remain with the owners unless prior arrangements have been made with another group member exclusively. The group does not make precuts for sale. Sales are made at individual’s sole discretion and are the responsibility of that person.

Contact Marilynn Bilyeu,, for more information

Patriotic Piecemakers

We are the Patriotic Piecemakers of the OPQG. We strive to remember our military combat veterans with a Quilt of Valor. Officially, we meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 10 am until 4 pm, but you don’t need to attend meetings to be part of our group.  You can sew blocks and/or quilts for a deserving veteran and drop them off at the guild. Contact Connie Bradford for more information at 827-0866 or ­­­

Patriotic Piecemakers presents quilts twice a year, in June and November. While all patriotic quilts made by OPQG members are donated, the Quilts of Valor donation quilts must meet certain quidelines for presentation to combat veterans. These guidelines come from both the QOV national organization and OPQG Patriotic Piecemakers committee:

  • The quilt top should be 62 x 72 inches or slightly larger. A uniform size is desirable for the quilt presentation ceremonies.
  • Only cotton fabric, thread, and batting may be used for quilts. Exposure to chemical agents while in service causes some veterans extreme sensitivity to polyester and other synthetics.
  • Piecing a quilt that resembles or replicates the American flag is NOT permitted. Fabrics having American flags printed on them are permitted.
  • Wash and dry the completed quilt with unscented laundry products to eliminate odors and allergens.
  • Labels for Quilts of Valor will be provided for quilts. Please do not apply a label.
  • Do not include political or religious themed fabrics or motifs.


 Let us keep up the hard work to provide our veterans with a quilt to say “Thank You” for all they give and do so unselfishly.

Turning Points

This applique group was formed for anyone interested in learning applique. We invite those beginning or experienced in applique to join us. Members are at all different skill levels, from beginners to advanced. The meetings are focused on teaching various techniques and applying them by practice.

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month (unless notified otherwise) at 9:30 AM at the OPQG building, 2738 S. Campbell in the Village Shopping Center.

If you need more information or have questions, please contact Chairman, Diane Williams, You can find her contact information by logging into “Member’s Login” on the home page.




Quilt Odyssey

This is a group for OPQG members interested in taking a journey into Art Quilts.

On the 3rd Saturday of each month members explore unusual fibers, new art products, and create original art quilts. This group is encouraged to test the waters and spread their wings with new projects.

Join the group at the guild on South Campbell on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

Information on meeting topics, supplies and speakers are sent via e-mail.

Contact Billie Tordt – or Sandy Higgins – for more info.


Operation Squad Car at Community Quilts

Operation Squad Car is the ‘brain child’ of Connie Bradford – During one of her meditation sessions on the sidewalk in front of the guild, Connie encountered a Springfield police officer. She had an idea. If there was a small quilt in the police car, a child in stressful situations could be comforted. The policeman was very receptive to the idea. Now Community Quilts has launched Operation Squad Car.

If you would like to help with this project, it would be greatly appreciated. There are approximately 60 Springfield police cars so that is a lot of quilts! We are looking for small quilts suitable for children. You can make your favorite quilt pattern. Flannel scraps made into a rag quilt or a whole cloth kid print would work too. Or if you are out of ideas, this quilt can be made in a couple of hours. It is cut WOF and sewed in strips. Here is the pattern Favorite Donation Quilt thanks to





The Featherweight Group is for people who own a Singer Featherweight 221 and would like to get together with other Featherweight owners to care for, clean and sew on our historic machines. We meet on the third Thursday of each month from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Guild meeting place on South Campbell.

For additional information contact DJ Maas at 417-848-0362 or