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Community Quilts

Community Quilts work days are the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 9 am until 3 pm at the OPQG facility, 2738 S. Campbell, Springfield, MO.

We invite everyone to join in for all or part of the day.

The Community Quilts Group is comprised of friendly, energetic and generous members who graciously give their time and talents to provide quilts for those in need in our community.


You can help….

If you are unable to join us there are lots of ways to help provide comfort to people in need….

  • Take home a kit and stitch up a quilt top……
  • Take home a quilt to bind……
  • Take a quilt top to quilt (batting and backing included)…….

Baby Quilts

Donation quilts are a huge part of what we do at OPQG. Under the Community Quilt umbrella is our Baby Quilt effort. Quilts are made and donated to Newborns in Need here in Springfield. The quilts are “baby themed” and approximately 36″ square. They are a fast, fun project for anyone who has some time to sew. The Co-Chairmen, Bobbi Thorne and Sandy Sutton, work tirelessly to keep kits handy for anyone to sew but will also welcome your own completed quilt. Here is an example……


January Baby Quilt Sew In


Despite the iffy weather, 20 ladies came to sew Baby Quilts in January. Sewing machines were humming, irons were steaming, rotary cutters were slicing and ladies were laughing and talking. We ended up passing out 40 kits…WOW!!!! Many quilts have already been completed.

Sandy let everyone know Newborns in Need is very happy with our baby quilt donations.  They put together over 13,000 baby sets in 2017.  Our quilts are the ‘center attraction’ of many of the layettes they assemble.  We donated 296 quilts to them last year.  It was a little shy of the 13,000 layettes they give out so we gotta’ get busy making more baby quilts….Grin! We got a good start at the January Baby Quilt Sew-In.  We appreciate every one of you ladies that are helping us!

               Thank you,

                        Sandy Sutton and Bobbi Thorne, Baby Quilts Co-Chairmen

Some of the quilts sewed in January……


Operation Squad Car at Community Quilts

Operation Squad Car is the ‘brain child’ of Connie Bradford – During one of her meditation sessions on the sidewalk in front of the guild, Connie encountered a Springfield police officer. She had an idea. If there was a small quilt in the police car, a child in stressful situations could be comforted. The policeman was very receptive to the idea. Now Community Quilts has launched Operation Squad Car.

If you would like to help with this project, it would be greatly appreciated. There are approximately 60 Springfield police cars so that is a lot of quilts! We are looking for small quilts suitable for children. You can make your favorite quilt pattern. Flannel scraps made into a rag quilt or a whole cloth kid print would work too. Or if you are out of ideas, this quilt can be made in a couple of hours. It is cut WOF and sewed in strips. Here is the pattern Favorite Donation Quilt thanks to



A Day at Community Quilts

The Community Quilt group meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at the guild. Have you ever wondered what goes on during those Community Quilt days? Have you ever wondered if you would like to join the group but not sure what you could do? Here are some of the “jobs” that you can pick from:


You can join these ladies and bind quilts   …..OR…..


You can bring your sewing machine and sew    ….OR….


You can do some cutting of kits    ….OR…..


You can do some longarm quilting     ….OR….


You can do some organizing (it’s a never ending job)    ….OR….


You may just want some socializing. It’s up to you to decide and you are welcome anytime!

Block of the Month

The Block of the Month will be on “vacation” for awhile. See you when we get back!

BOM July 2018

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BOM May 2018

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BOM February 2018

FYI – Beginning in February 2018, Blocks of the Month will be geared to a Quilts of Valor theme – Reds, Whites, and Blues

January 2018 BOM – “Purple Pinwheel”

November December 2017 BOM – “Disappearing 4 Patch”

October 2017 BOM – “Autumn Leaf”

September 2017 BOM – “A Bit of A Challenge”

August 2017 BOM – “Red and White”

July 2017 BOM – “An Internet Find”

June 2017 BOM – “It’s Gona Make Stars”