What’s Happening

May Came in May to OPQG

May Gunter gave a wonderful trunk show for our May meeting. She is a certified Judy Neimeyer instructor; the only one in Missouri! She gave us her history in quilting and her steps to becoming certified. She brought a wonderful array of her creative quilts to show the members. Here are a few…..


During May’s workshop on the following day members found her to be an excellent teacher. Starting with little bitty middles we progessed to bigger outside pieces.


Patriotic Piecemakers at the Library

The OPQG Patriotic Piecemakers were invited to the Springfield Library Center on Sunday, April 2, to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of WWI. A room full of veterans and guests were present to witness men and women receiving Quilts of Valor in honor of their military service.  It was a great pleasure to meet all of them, especially the WWII veterans. There aren’t very many of these special WWII people left. After the presentation, the Springfield National Guard played music for our enjoyment. Here are pictures of the memorable day…….

GO!Cutters Group Meeting

The GO!Cutter group had their first quarterly meeting of 2017 this week. Take a look at their show and tell projects:  


Whether using the go-cutter to create more fun projects, or showing us some of her work, Glenda is one of our group members enjoying this fun group.

Lynn has done a super job using the drunkard’s path die to create a beautiful quilt. 
Marcia showed us a number of beautiful pieces she has completed. 


Yevonne and Lona had some quilts to share that showcase just a portion of their work.  They said they often work together to get to a finished project.​​

Christmas 2016

It is an OPQG tradition to combine the November and December monthly meetings into one huge Christmas party. As you can see below it was a festive day…..


Thanks goes out to these lovely ladies who hosted the party –

Vickie Samsel, Lisa Kumfer, and Mary Ann Wenger.

img_1245We had singers, Becky Wolpert and Mary Loker, lead the Christmas carols.

The members not only quilt, they cook too! And cook they did. It was hard to find places to put everything.


img_1241The “bingo bust” – all were ready to play but a funny thing happened.

img_1238All of the cards were the same. We had a good laugh!


The Christmas sweater contest, both pretty and ugly, was a hoot!

img_1243img_1244The prettiest of the day.

img_1242And Terri Davis was very proud of her ugly one.


And this all happened in the morning, this author knows that it was repeated in the evening but I’m sorry to report, no one took pictures.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas with love, health, and happy quilting in the New Year!





Our Squad Car Quilt Project Got Famous!

Community Quilts co-chairman, Connie Bradford, contacted the Springfield Police Department to see if a squad car could stop by the OPQG building for some pictures. The SPD publicity person thought it was news worthy and contacted the local TV stations. They arrived to interview and make news clips….our Squad Car Quilts Project got famous! Because of the TV publicity, Community Quilts received donations of fabric and finished quilts to further their efforts.


Operation Squad Car at Community Quilts

Operation Squad Car is the ‘brain child’ of Connie Bradford. During one of her meditation sessions on the sidewalk in front of the guild, Connie encountered a Springfield police officer. She had an idea. If there was a small quilt in the police car, a child in stressful situations could be comforted. The policeman was very receptive to the idea. Now Community Quilts has launched Operation Squad Car.

If you would like to help with this project, it would be greatly appreciated. There are approximately 60 Springfield police cars so that is a lot of quilts! We are looking for small quilts suitable for children. You can make your favorite quilt pattern. Flannel scraps made into a rag quilt or a whole cloth kid print would work too. Or if you are out of ideas, this quilt can be made in a couple of hours. It is cut WOF and sewed in strips. Here is the pattern Favorite Donation Quilt thanks to MaryQuilts.com.