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May Came in May to OPQG

May Gunter gave a wonderful trunk show for our May meeting. She is a certified Judy Neimeyer instructor; the only one in Missouri! She gave us her history in quilting and her steps to becoming certified. She brought a wonderful array of her creative quilts to show the members. Here are a few…..


During May’s workshop on the following day members found her to be an excellent teacher. Starting with little bitty middles we progessed to bigger outside pieces.


Operation Squad Car at Community Quilts

Operation Squad Car is the ‘brain child’ of Connie Bradford. During one of her meditation sessions on the sidewalk in front of the guild, Connie encountered a Springfield police officer. She had an idea. If there was a small quilt in the police car, a child in stressful situations could be comforted. The policeman was very receptive to the idea. Now Community Quilts has launched Operation Squad Car.

If you would like to help with this project, it would be greatly appreciated. There are approximately 60 Springfield police cars so that is a lot of quilts! We are looking for small quilts suitable for children. You can make your favorite quilt pattern. Flannel scraps made into a rag quilt or a whole cloth kid print would work too. Or if you are out of ideas, this quilt can be made in a couple of hours. It is cut WOF and sewed in strips. Here is the pattern Favorite Donation Quilt thanks to